Review and Reputation Management


Whether you are an online or brick and mortar business, review and reputation management is important. Rural business owners may be thinking “everyone we do business with knows us so it isn’t worth the effort;”  even if you don’t have an active web site, or social media presence. Well, Google and the like, have made your business accessible on a global platform. They also allow visitors to rate and review your business from their phones, tablets, laptops and computers. which means a thumbs down or one star rating can have a significant impact on how potential customers see your business.

If you don’t  truly know what your customers’ opinions are or how you stack up against your competitors, you should take steps to find out since the rest of the world has instant access to that information. Chances are there reviews and ratings out that you may not be aware of and if they are positive that’s excellent!  Still you could be generating more.

If they’re negative then you need to get on top of it and implement some damage control. If you don’t have any reviews or ratings, you may be thinking – we’re in the clear! Sure, having none is better than low ratings or negative reviews, but it also gives your competition an edge. Think about it – when you’re looking for a certain type of service online, do you contact the one with a 4 or 5 star rating or the one with zero stars?

Creative Enterprises now offers Local SEO Auditing that includes reviews and ratings you didn’t know you had. If you would like to find out where you rank, and how you rate – for a limited time we are offering an opportunity to assess your present situation, at no charge, yes you read that correctly we will run a report for FREE and we’ll share the results with you!