Grant Writing

Competition is high and submitting compelling applications is crucial. Let us write the entire request, including budgets, and supporting elements or let us work on certain sections, such as tweaking your narrative or fine tuning your work plan.


Draft Review

You’ve completed the forms and written your proposal, but you’re worried it doesn’t measure up. Or you just need  to verify the package is complete. We can help! It is always a good idea to have an experienced set of eyes proof and provide a little extra shine on your proposal.



Funding Compliance

Need help getting reimbursed for a grant you’ve received? You have performance reports due? No problem – we’ll take care of it for you!


We have developed several customized fixed-rate solutions to aid our clients in securing funding: 


Outsource Partnership

*Starting @ $5,000

We become part of your extended team. This option has been developed for organizations that are short on human resources. It benefits companies and organizations that:


  • Can’t budget for a full time grant writer
  • Are short on time to research, write, the proposal 
  • Want someone continually monitoring for new opportunities
  • Seek funds including federal loan programs.
  • Need someone to manage contract reimbursements, ensuring funds are received in a timely manner
  • Need someone to file performance reports on your award contracts
  • Need reasonable assurances that our services yield results.  If for some reason an application falls short of the program’s scoring criteria we revise and resubmit during the next open funding cycle. 

The total or complete cost of the Outsource Partnership is based on the size and scope of the proposed projects, funding sources available, the number of proposals to be submitted,  and program deadlines. Development of supporting documentation such as independent feasibility reports, technical reports, business reports and marketing plans are factors affecting additional costs over the base rate.


Peer  Program

*Starting @ $2,500

This option has been developed for individuals and organizations that are self-motivated, but are spread too thin to pre-assess eligibility and meet deadlines. Services include: 

  • Collection of necessary data and supporting documentation for your application.
  • Writing or polishing proposals for the opportunities you’ve identified.
  • Assisting with reimbursement, compliance and reporting, as needed. 

Total cost of the Peer Program is based on the size and scope of the proposed grant projects and the program deadline.  Development of supporting documentation such as independent feasibility reports, business reports and marketing plans are factors affecting additional costs over the base rate .


Critical Assets Program

Starting @ $300

This program features one-off services intended for individuals and organizations who have identified a single program or project focus, determined eligibility and:

  • Need Duns # and SAM registration assistance.
  • Require one-time support in the form of draft review and polishing, project research or data collection, feasibility, business, and marketing plans, performance report writing, reimbursement requests.

Total cost for one-off services is based on the assistance needed. Expedited proposals will affect additional cost over the base rate.


Let’s Get Started

Grant Services

When you hire Creative Enterprises you’re securing more than 20 years of experience and success.


Grant writing is more than filling out a few forms and waiting for the award letter. You have a problem to solve, a product to build, clients to reach or a story to tell and success depends on your ability to communicate clearly and effectively.  The majority of our clients just don’t have the time or the experience, and in some cases both, to complete a competitive application.  We fill those gaps and write compelling grants on time and within your budget. 

Success is born of positive thinking and ACTION.


We are all aware that beyond excellent research and ideas, funding requests and compliance reports must be written and edited with special care to increase your chances of funding and acceptance.



How to Successfully Compete for Funding

It’s no secret that  budgets for planning, working capital and infrastructure grants continues to shrink while competition increases.  Now, more than ever, it is critical to be 100% prepared for the application process.  We have over 15  years experience creating and submitting grant applications for a variety of agricultural producers, rural businesses, communities and non-profit organizations with advanced editing and consulting services. 


Our consulting services have proven to be invaluable to clients interested in successfully securing funding. We know the ins and outs of USDA Agricultural and Rural Development, Texas Capital Funds,  TEEX, Texas A&M Forest Service, FEMA and Southwest Trade Adjustment programsand the application process. 


Common Questions 


How big are the awards your clients have received?


We’ve secured grant awards in the five to six figure range. We honor client confidentiality,  but we can tell you that our clients have received grants averaging between $15K and $200K. 


What percentage of the grants you have written received funding?


The majority of awards are based on the strength of your organization. Our job is to create a proposal that represents your business or organization and project in such a way that it meets or exceeds the requirements and interests of the funding source. Over the last 10 years alone, we’ve built a 98% success rate on first submissions and have secured funding for 100% of our clients through 2017.  We have applications currently under consideration through several programs.


How long does it take to write a grant?


Most foundation and private grant proposals take a minimum of three weeks once the essential data is collected and writing begins. Federal grants typically take a minimum of four weeks. We have submitted expedited applications in two weeks or less. If you have a tight deadline contact us we will be happy consult with you to see if it is a reasonable undertaking.  


What does the funding source look for when scoring applications or determining awards?


It isn’t only the idea or project that matters, it’s your organization as a whole! Grant programs tend to look for the same things that lendors and venture capitalists evaluate in funding a startup, including: business history, infrastructure, technological and economic feasibility and overall sustainability. The more innovative your program or project is and sound your financials are, the better your chances. That’s why we can only guarantee professional, well-written, persuasive grant proposals and not the funding itself.  We go the extra mile in helping you tell your story in confident and strong voice and positioning your organization in  the best light!


Why do you advertise your base rates online, aren’t you afraid of scaring your clients off or giving an advantage to competition?

Not at all. Frankly, we don’t want to waste your time or our’s haggling over the cost of our services!   We have a proven track record in writing credible proposals. Our rates are based on years of developing a streamlined workflow that allows us to understand the demands on time and resources required for every proposal submitted according to the size and scope of the client’s proposed project and funding needs.


About Us

In 1995, Melanie Gentry started writing grants for local organizations in desperate need of private and federal funding.  After successfully securing funding for a new ambulance for her community’s volunteer EMS service; she realized there were rural businesses and organizations that needed support and expertise than most freelance grant writers could provide.

In  2005, she added grant writing and consulting services to her existing design and marketing business. Creative Enterprises  is a family-owned company based in west Texas. We work with our clients as a team to produce competitive grant proposals and performance reports, research new grant and private funding opportunities, and help agricultural producers, rural businesses, cooperatives, communities and nonprofits meet their funding potential.

We reduce the amount of time you or over-extended staff members spend on the application process and post-award activities – allowing your business to focus your energy on putting the grant money to use.


There are several USDA funding opportunities currently open for agricultural producers, rural businesses, cooperatives and communities.  Contact us for more information or check back often for blog posts and  webinars on upcoming funding opportunities.


We’re ready to get to work! 

Phone: (432) 940-6093