Professional Consulting and Creative Services

You need someone that knows the local market, but that can still help you get noticed on a broader scale. Creative Enterprises can help – we deliver the marketing skills and creativity you need for customers to take notice of your product or service through our professional consulting and creative services.  We also offer a number of different business services, including customer service outsourcing, administrative assistance, grant writing and compliance, business and report writing, learning and training systems and much more. 


Like it or not, Social Media is here to stay. We can make sure your products or services are reaching the right customers and in the best light!


Keeping a good reputation online isn’t really that difficult, but there can be surprises along the way – don’t let negative ratings and reviews set you back. 


Your online presence should  consist of more than just social media and a website. Our coordinated marketing efforts, help to maintain visibility to customers.


It’s true! Not everyone uses the internet. There are still many offline opportunities to let people know about your products and services. We can help you reach those customers too.


Holding advanced degrees and having practical business experience; I thought writing a grant proposal would be a piece of cake. I quickly learned otherwise, hiring Melanie and Phyllis was one of the best moves I’ve made – they know their business! Creative Enterprises has helped us receive multiple grant awards and has assisted us with our online and e-commerce presence. Proud to have them as part of our extended team. – G. Carr

 Chipotle Texas

We are family owned and operated, with three generations of family members actively involved in day to day operations. Melanie and Phyllis have helped us to expand and carry on our family traditions through multiple grant awards and marketing assistance. – A. Covarrubias

Covarrubias Farms

We evaluate your needs and promote your business the right way-
bringing you peace of mind!